Xenoman Horde is a country of Getian origin that is formed during the Century Of Anarchy, often having to fight agaisnt Rethomania. It is very isolationist and barbaric having not the best tech but large armies and discriminates the Rethoman people. They have a lot of Propaganda, since the Nurmis Dynasty took over, all Xenomans think that Senoman the Great is a demi-god, a man sent from Allah to make the country.



Before actual Armagetian Xenoman State/Culture was formed, the Proto-Xenomans were a far away civilisation that migrated to the Armagetian colonies, they co-existed and they got eaten by the Armagetian culture and formed Xenoman Culture, they Proto-Xenomans existed till 800s, in 800s Xenoman Language was very similar to nowdays Xenoman so this was the end of the first era


During the Century of Anarchy, Xenoman Horde is one of the Armagetian nations that came out from it along with Rethomania and the others in 917 ATS. The Armagetian nations started to try influence the country but failed to 0% tolerance to immigrants/other people that are not Xenomans. Their name came from the Xenosius Dynasty.

The Xenomans are preparing for exterminating the Rethoman race.

The first years

The first Xenoman people were found in their capital, Senov they created the city and started to expand. The first name of the state was Xenoman Principality but then conquered the whole capital planet and expanded over Solar Systems and more! After being enough big, the state was renamed to Xenoman Horde. 

The Xenosius Dynasty

The Xenosius Dynasty was the first Dynasty that ruled the country they conquered 90% lands of nowdays Xenoman Horde, the first leader was Senoman the Great, also founder of the horde. Even if they did the most in case of land, the poverty and the economy was a failure -30M Xenos lost per year.


When the last Xenosius leader died, Xekumi Khan, and the Karblux Dynasty took control, the people though the name would change due to the founder dynasty was gone but it was not the case. Karblux Dynasty conquered some lands though the years, 6% of nowdays territories of the Horde. The Karblux Dynasty has reformed the country economically,  the country evolved from one of the poorest countries in ENTIRE Trolliversia into a decent country. It was a hard and long process, but it was worth.

The Totalitarism begun

A civil war between the Karblux and Numis Dyansties broke out in 1390 ATS with Nurmisian victory, the Totalitarism has been installed. But not a proper one, the laws were not that bad but the punishment were cruel. The worst law was discriminating Rethomans. Also the all Armagetian nations except Xenoman nation(of course) were so discrimated by the Xenomans.

The Allah-isation

The main religion of Xenoman Horde was the Rethoman Church, but 60% of the population was Islamic. When the Numis queen of the time married an islamic man, the Islam was the official religion, this phenomen was named Allah-isation.

Xenoman Language/Script

The Xenoman Script is a dialect/language very similar to Armagetian and Rethoman languages. The language is like real life Arabic. The script/language is very difficult to learn because of they differences in vocabulary and grammar, and being as Arabic, of course.