The Venkorian Empire is a Leaxian Nation that is once a colony of Ancient Finnittania during Ancient Armagetia's Zenith until it's independence in 720 ATS where Ancient Finnittania offer them independence due to difficulties managing a very distant colony with communications taking days. They are known to be ruled by the Clarke Dynasty.


Venkoria is founded by a renowned Finnittanian politician of Sciotic Descent named Isidore Clarke, where he began taking power to ensure the stability of the empire.

Venkorian Civil War

The Civil War occured in 812 ATS when a group of socialists inspired by the Haisant Empire whom they are called the Ivichs attempted to take over the country where they are faced with many conflicts. The Civil War later ended when the Ivichs managed to split away from Venkoria on a northern territory.

Finnittania's Return

Finnittania eventually returned due to Splitspace Technology, building up relations with its former colonies through trade and diplomacy while fighting the Ivichs.

As Finnittania built up relations, they also made a new enemy as the Haisant are angered on their policies toward their idealogy as the activists were killed in Finnegan while attempting to spread their socialist ideals.

The Unification

Eventually, Venkoria and the Ivich fought again for the purpose of reunification, causing Telmetivia and Czerkonia to join in the war. The war then grew much worse that even Finnittania and the Haisant Empire had to intervene to end it, causing a treaty to be made on the Unification with the Ivich government collapsed from the rebellions before they could even do something.


Venkoria's Government appears to be a Constitutional Monarchy despite being Miltiaristic, but they also cultured as well to keep their militaristic behavior in check. They are ruled by an Emperor while half of their fundings went to the Military.


Nation Status
Telmetivic Republic Close Allies
Union of Ivich Socialist Republics Enemies
Empire of Great Finnittania Allies
Haisant Empire Mortal Enemies
State of New Sentaria Allies
Crafternic Commonwealth Trade Partners
Federation of Lernea Allies