The Union of Ivich Socialist Republics (Shortened as U.I.S.R.) is a nation located in the Saippon Galaxy that splits away from the Venkorian Empire during a civil war.


The Ivichs' fight for independence began in 812 ATS where they are inspired by the Haisant Idealogy and began fighting to spread to Trolliversia.

By the time it is 855 ATS, they managed to split away from the Venkorians where they formed their nation. after spitting away, they began sending numerous raiding forces to attack nations that refused to accept the will of the Haisant Idealogy.

Years after a civil war, the Ivich and the Venkorians had fought again for unification efforts with Telmetivia and Czerkonia joining in the war to help their allies. The Civil War grew worse that even the Finnittanians and the Haisant had to step in and stop a civil war. Eventually, the Democratic Rebels overthrew the government during the end of the civil war and joins in Venkoria, unifying them.


North-Western Region

Nations Status
Venkorian Empire Enemies
Haisant Empire Allies
State of New Sentaria Dislike
Telmetivic Republic Enemies
Crafternic Commonwealth Enemies

South-Eastern Region

Nation Status
Empire of Great Finnittania Enemies
Armagetian Empire Enemies
Tijori Empire Dislike
Norish Republic Neutral