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  1. Spamming and vandalism are both prohibited.
  2. Harassment is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  3. Users are not allowed to post explicit content. Violations will result in lengthy bans.
  4. Irrelevant content will be deleted and the author of this content will be notified of their infringement.
  5. Users must maintain good grammar no matter what their origin is. Administrators are available to help if there is a problem.
  6. All articles are required to have relevant and logical categories. They cannot be based on a user's name.
  7. Edit wars are not allowed. Editing issues will be civilly discussed between users in an appropriate message wall or in the forums.
  8. Staff shall not abuse their powers. If this happens, it is very likely that the corrupt staff member will be demoted and banned.
  9. Plagiarism is not allowed on this wiki. Breaking this rule will result in the undoing of the edit or the deletion of the plagiarized article. Repeated offenses will result in an infinite ban from the wiki.

Article Types (Allowed)

  • Countries
  • Events
  • Lore-related Subjects
  • Individuals
  • Species
  • Technology

Article Types (Prohibited)

  • Permanent Article Stubs
  • Articles with Recolored Images
  • Opinionated Articles

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