The Tijori is a nation located northwest of the Sciotic Empire. They are known for having strategic generals in most of their military where their soldiers are much disciplined, but not as much as the Finnittanians.

The great Tijori leaders and generals who passed away are usually honored by the pyramid monuments located in the region near Tijorochtitlan where a bunch of stone pyramids are built.

The stone Pyramids appeared to contain the preserved bodies of those mentioned above, possibly for the passage into the afterlife for the spiritual quest for reincarnation.

They are known to be proud of their culture as they had much of the arts and a world wonders around their capital. They refused to adopt Marxist idealogies in fears of losing their identity as a culture since they believed could destroy their religion and their families. Similar to the Armagetians, their symbol is the letter T.



The Tijori Empire's rise to power all started when a group of Tijori planet-states living in a star system with lots of planets meet up and make a treaty on planet Quetzin to decide the capital in the system based on the most influental planet-state, causing Tonantzin, which is the most influential of the Planet-States to transform into a Capital.

After it's creation, the Tijori began their conquest in earning much territories for resources, frequently conquering unimportant small nations during their conquest until they get the half of the galaxy.


Eventually, they became very bored from the conquest due to attacking without even consulting them, and started focusing on their government due to a larged group of angry conquered protesting over their rights not being as equal as those who aren't conquered with threats of civil war.

The Tijori started adding the amendments to the constitution to satisfy a large group of angry crowds with equal rights and to arrest the war criminals. Because of their rise to Democracy, the conquered people are now willing to work for the country due to being given rights. They then started firing corrupted officials and those who were put to power by the means of Nepotism, which is responsible for incompetence.

The Merging of the Tijori and the Chilostaqui

After numerous years of making economic progress with both the Chilostaqui and the Lerneans, the Tijori and the Chilostaqui continued to compete with Lernea for the top economic position and decided to merge together for an economic boost, hoping to beat Lernea to it, causing an economic boost for both of the nations.


Nation Status
Chilostaqui Republic Allies
Empire of Great Finnittania Allies
Sciotic Empire Trade Partners
Awesominian Republic Trade Partners
Federation of Lernea Friendly Rivals