The Empire of Senington is a nation located near the Sciotics, having emerged from Isolationism after numerous nearby wars.

Their culture is slightly different than those of Finon-Descent due to wanting to develop their own culture to differenate from the others, making their culture slightly resemble that of the Germans, especially the Prussians.


After Senington rises from the isolationism, they started building up relations with the neighboring countries, while also started taking an expansionist approach.

They eventually began their attempt to influence New Sentaria into joining them by the means of propaganda, which catches Finnittania's attention and started competing to influence New Sentaria.


Southeast Region

Nation Status
Empire of Great Finnittania Friendly Rivals
Armagetian Empire Dislike
Sciotic Empire Trade Partners

Northwest Region

Nation STatus
Dictatorship of Polina Dislike
State of New Sentaria Allies