Telmetivia is a Republic located at Saippon Galaxy, which got the same independence from Ancient Finnittania for the same reason the Venkorian Empire recieved in 720 ATS. However, it is largely composed of Telmetivic people living together with the Finnittanians.



Telmetivica is founded by a close friend of Isidore Clarke, named Karina Wright who also happened to be a politician of Sciotic Descent, who began building up a congress to pass democratic laws. She also began passing up strict laws against corruption with often harsh punishments.


Telmetivica appears to be a democratic government for it's values, but it is also highly cultured due to mixing Telmetivic Culture with Finnittanian Culture. However, they also built up a military in case of war, and future invasions. The Telmetivic Presidential System allows the president to serve many terms of 23 years, when every term is complete, an election is made.


Nation Status
Venkorian Empire Close Allies
State of New Sentaria Allies
Empire of Great Finnittania Allies
Union of Ivich Socialist Republic Enemies
Haisant Empire Enemies
Crafternic Commonwealth Trade Partners
Federation of Lernea Allies