The Split-Space Revolution is a major event that all started in 1421 ATS where the Finnittanian Science Team has discovered a way to travel through distant places without taking a long journey through the use of opening Split-Space rifts.

Case Studies prior to the Revolution

Case 1: Finnittania

During the discovery of the Revolution, the Finnittanians began sharing their discoveries to their allies such as the Armagetian Empire, the Sciotic Empire, and others where Finnittania began using the Split-Space technology to enter Northwestern Trolliversia, opening up relations with the Kee'Jod Republic, their former colony, and the Telmetivic Republic. They appeared to have tensions with the Haisant Empire, while reuniting with their former colonies.

Case 2: Armagetia

Armagetians quickly realized the application of the inventions, and they exploited it, obviously, for military reasons. They gave the Finnittanians back the Knowledge they needed to win the war. Armagetia started exploring unknown regions of the Trolliverse, searching for nations to trade with and new land to take over. They, very much to their horror, discovered the land all of the Trolliversians came from: The Leaxian Confederation. Once they discovered the truth about their origins, the Armagetians tried to take over the Confederation, but somehow failed.

Case 3: Noiria


Case 4: Scioticia

The Sciotics realized the potential for the Split-Space Revolution and began using it for transportation purposes, benefiting the economy and the populace. They eventually started meeting up with other nations, and built their colonial empire with two of their colonies bordering Awesominia's large colonies in the north.

Case 5: Awesominia

Awesominia realized that they can do what the Ancient Finnittanians struggle to do, maintaining the colonies. Awesominia began colonizing the unclaimed regions in the Northwestern Region, building the biggest colonial empire ever seen, containing a large cluster of galaxies divided into Provinces with the Province of New Awesominia being the most popular. The Tijori civilians migrated into the Provinces to build up an economy.