The Sciotic Empire is a nation located north of Finnittania. They were once Bitter enemies with them and the Armagetians, but following a huge war peace was brought among them, even though the Sciotic lost some important territories. During the past, they are once Finnittanian territory until they fought for their independence and won.

They're related to the Finnittanians just like the Awesominians are to Armagetians. Their population is booming and their economy is actually one of the most influent in the Trolliverse, next to Tijori-Chilostaqui Empire, behind the Lernean Federation.

They are one of the few nations to go along with the Leaxian Confederation. The Sciotic Empire is known for loving its emperor, as he reformed the empire and brought democracy. The three big political parties are the Social Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, and the Conservative Party.


Formation of the Nation

During Ancient Finnittania's slow decline, they took the advantage and fought for independence, making the Finnittanians struggle to crush the rebellion while trying to stop their decline. The Sciotics, using the decline as an advantage used it to get independence.


Nation Status
Empire of Great Finnittania Allies (Former Enemies)
Awesominian Republic Allies
Tijori Empire Trade Partners
Chilostaqui Republic Allies
Armagetian Empire Allies (Former Enemies)
Norish Republic Trade Partners
Leaxian Confederation Trade Partners