Saippon is a North-Western Trolliversian Galaxy bordering near Jobetseku and the Chechondra Galaxy.

Saippon Galaxy

The galaxy is consisted of four major nations such as the Telmetivic Republic, the Venkorian Empire, State of New Sentaria and the Crafternic Commonwealth. There are minor nations out in the galaxy waiting to be transformed into a major nation.

Sentient Races (And Robots) by Populations

  1. Leaxians
    1. Finnittanians and their subspecies
    2. Armagetians and their subspecies
      Current Saippon Galaxy Map
  2. Sackpeople (They happened to be Survivors of the Split)
  3. Yingor
  4. Centiprixs

Other races of the Saippon Galaxy happened to be secluded in planetary systems or a small star cluster.

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