Rethomania is a country of Getian origin that is formed during the Century Of Anarchy, often having to fight against the Xenoman Horde. It is known that the Western Armagetian influence is strong in this country, especially by Finnittanian Support.


First peoples

Before colonial rule, today Rethomania was not habitated by any Leaxian race except Dagalium people. The territory began to get colonised by Ancient Armagetia slowly. The Armagetians inhabitated all the land but in 800s, Armagetian language plus some roots from Dagalium language made Rethoman Dialect/language.


During the Century of Anarchy, Rethomania is one of the Armagetian nations that came out from it along with the Xenomans and the others. The influence of the Divided Armagetian nations started kicking in, influencing most of their populace with the influence.

The battle for influence begins as the Eastern Influenced civilians and the Western Influenced civilians are fighting for the domination of the populace. Finnittania notices it and starts helping the Western Armagetian influenced populace dominate against the Eastern Armagetian influence for an alliance.

The first years

The founder and of the nation was Ryedo the Fearsome when Rethomania got independence from Ancient Armagetia. The first years were cruel to the state...poverty everywhere similar to Xenoman Horde but began to increase their economy.

The golden age

The golden age of the state was under Ryedo the Sixth when the economy and military were at the biggest point.

Due to an unknown cause, Ryedo the Sixth died in his bed in 1142 ATS. He is now one of the most known people ever in Rethomania.

Fights agaisnt the Xenomans

The state never had an acutal war, but we can consider the Xenoman invasions as cultural wars.

The Xenoman Horde was expanding and got some of the territories of unclaimed Rethomania, the land was 70% Xenoman (today is just 56%). After years of killings, Rethomania bought the land from the Xenoman Horde. Today the biggest cultural conflict between people in Trolliversia is between Rethomans and Xenomans.