Awesominia is a nation that descended from the Leaxian Race from the Armagetian part. Unlike their war-happy cousins, the Awesominians are well-cultured, yet loved cheese. Despite all that, they do have a defense system built on their territories.


Awesominia's fight for Independence

Awesominia had first gained their independence when during the Zenith of Ancient Armagetia, the Awesominians began using Guerilla Warfare tactics to earn their independence as the Finnittanian spies encouraged them to do. As they used their guerilla tactics, Armagetia began losing their control over the Awesominians and eventually won their independence from their masters during the Century Of Anarchy.

After Independence

Awesominia, having been liberated began drafting a constution in the capital to benefit the country, involving a bill of rights and some policies.

After finishing the constitution, they started building up an economy and a military for personal reasons.

Building a Colonial Empire

Awesominia, not wanting to be excluded from a Political Spotlight has started using Split-Space technology to colonize a large galaxy cluster in the Northeast with the Sciotics doing the same, leading to the Tijori immigrating to their colonies for economic opportunity, leading to the creation of the Tijorgetians, which later became a common population in the Awesominian colonies.

Diplomacy with other Nations

South-Eastern Trolliversia

Nation Status
Chilostaqui Republic Allies
Norish Republic Allies
Empire of Great Finnittania Trade Partners
Sciotic Empire Allies
Armagetian Empire Allies
Armagetian Federal Republic Enemies
Tijori Empire Trade Partners