Proto-Xenomans were single survivors of the Xenic Descent. They migrated to the Armagetian colonies and got Armagetianised giving an end to them and Xenic Race since 800 ATS.


The name before Xenoman Principality/Xenosius Dynasty of this nation was named Xarmanic Tribes, the name was changed after the state was formed.

The Xenic Descent

The Xenic Descents are Proto-Xenomans, Kalars,Miugyus and Zalays, all died except Proto-Xenomans with ages ago ATS (most likely 60 ATS).The reason to death is unknown. The Xarmanic Tribes were the only tribes remaining, they got born from the only few survivors of 60s. 

The legend

The legend is that says that the tribes were founded by Xakarian and Kulanzi, two brothers, after a fight, Xakarian killed Kulanzi and proclaimed himself the chief of all tribes(xenoman tribes). His reign was from 66 to 100 ATS.

Xakarian was born in 26 ATS.