Czerkonia is a Sovereign Nation that borders near the Saippon Galaxy, the Chikona Galaxy, and Jobetseku. It controls the entire galaxy they hailed from and tries to spread the Haisant Idealogy to Northeastern Region of Trolliversia and ultimately the entire Trolliversia.


Before the time they became a communist nation, they were once a democratic nation living in prosperity until their decline hits when the Czerks goes inflated and corruption hits high. Socialism starts rising due to low payment prior to the depression.

Rise of the Czerkonian Dictatorship

The Government attempts to desperately try their best to make reforms in an attempt to prevent socialism rising to power but their rise eventually became inevitable as the socialists overthrew the Gov. and install an Orwellian Dictatorship.

Inside the Dictatorship

After a totalitarian dictatorship is installed, the secret police is form to crush any opposition to their idealogy and survelliance is often common and even their televisions and their computers are used as security cameras.

Anyone who dissents were not only killed by the state, but also erased from historical records, even from their relatives memory, which a mention of the "unpersoned" is illegal.

People whose skills were beyond average were forced to wear handicaps for the sake of equality with the handicap generals monitoring the survelliance cameras to ensure people will not take off their handicaps.


Northeast Trolliversia

Nation Status
Haisant Empire Allies
Union of Ivich Socialist Republics Allies
Venkorian Empire Enemies
Telmetivic Republic Enemies
State of New Sentaria Dislike
Kee'Jod Republic Dislike
Crafternic Commonwealth Dislike