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The Norish Republic is one of the most powerful nations, rivaling to Empire of Great Finnittania's power. It's one of the known, along with Finnittania, that it has a well-disciplined military along with nationalist spirit.

However, one thing that differs from the country is that it's some sort of dictatorship, yet democratic at the same time. Which makes it unique to the rest of nations.


The Norish people are naturally kind people, well-known for their respect in other communites, even in Lexian Confederation.

They also have super-natural abilities such as resistance to heat and radiation, although they are quite vulnerable to some radiations.

Their height is above average, but their build quality is average.

The Norish people are also incredibly smart, with an IQ ranging from 190 to 240.


Nation Status
Awesominian Republic Allies
Sciotic Empire Trade Partners
Empire of Great Finnittania Friendly Rivals
Armagetian Empire Friendly Rivals