The National Relations are the status of relationships between nations around Trolliversia. It can vary from being Close Allies to mortal enemies. The relations and it's meaning will be shown in a heading below.

Relations List

Word It's Meaning
Close Allies Nations who are close allies with each other are 100% likely to declare war on the aggressor if they threaten their close ally. They are very likely to cause a diplomatic marriage for specific reasons.
Friendly Rivals Nations who had that trait in the relations will most likely compete with each other out of jealously, but they're allies.
Allies Your average ally, they can be able to start diplomatic relations with their ally. But they may or may not join in a war.
Trade Partners Nations who traded with another and even engaged in some diplomatic relations but aren't fully allied yet.
Neutral An average nation who doesn't align with another nation.
Dislike Nations who disliked each other may or may not try and declare war, but rather shuns them.
Enemies Nations who just hated each other, but they can make peace with eachother and make amends.
Mortal Enemies Nations who really hated each other to the point of no return to peace.