The Leaxians are the Ancestors to most of today's species which inhabit Trolliversia. Unlike most of Trolliversia's Species, they are solely made out of Precariot Cells. The Leaxians are indistinguishable to a species of humans in appearance and Biological functions.


The Leaxian Race was one of the few races left in the Multiverse after the split. They quickly most of the unhabitated zones in the Southwestern Region and colonized it, creating new nations and evolving in the process: Soon, the Ancient Leaxian Confederation became a decaying nation which still exists today as a shadow of its former self.

Leaxians seem to be enemies with their descendants such as the Finnittanians, the Noirians and the Armagetians, even though they don't seem to have much trouble in relations with other peoples.

Descendants Info

Their descendants appeared to be created in form of many ethnicities, however like all of their cousins (excluding the Original Leaxian Race), they are adapted to space, thus they can surive in a Barren Wasteland of a planet without Oxygen.


They are evolved to be highly adapted to the fire element to the point that rumors claimed that they casually bathe in lava. Their hair color can range from Blonde to black and even white hair.. Their eye color varies from Dark Blue to Light Blue, and sometimes vary from Yellow, to Dark Red. Their skin color is pale, but they are a bit above average height and build. They can potentially become Pyromancers due to Supernatural Abilities.


They seem to prefer hostile and extreme environments, and their aggressive behaviour made them resistant to diseases. They have usually very pale skin, but dark eye and hair colors. They're of a bit above average height and build, but it usually depends from the place they live in. It is unknown what their Supernatural Abilities are, but their abilities depended in the place they live in.


They appeared to have Supernatural abilities while being sophisticated. Their skin color can range from olive to just pale skin, their hair color is either brown or black, and their eyes are brown or blue. Their height is above average but the build is average.


They usually perfer living in hostile and extreme environments that are usually hot and humid. They are mostly resistant to diseases as even the most deadly pathogen couldn't kill them. Their skin color is light brown, and their eye and hair color is Jet Black. Their height are slightly below average and their build is above average. Their supernatural abilites happened to be Earth-related.

Known Hybrids of the Descendants

Yes, Race Mixing is possible from their descendants which depends on the advantages and the disadvantages.

Tijirgetians (Getian-Tijir Hybrid)

The Tijorgetians appeared to inherit their advantages from their parents involving dangerous situations. Their skin color is mostly light-brown although some can be pale. Their hair color remains black, and their height and build depends on the places they lived on.

Finongetians (Finon-Getian Hybrid)

The Finnogetians are known for being best mercenaries to hire, as they can get their mission done in no time. The reason why they are considered to be best mercenaries for adopting some of their parents traits. Their skin color is the same, while their hair color can be picked from the parents, along with both their eye color and the height and build.

Cultures of their Descendants

There are Cultures as well and it appears that the descendants followed their own culture regardless of location and their subspecies also followed their own culture as well.

The Finon Culture

The Commoners of these species often wore Jedi-like clothing with the Wealthy ones wearing more details with some gold on it, although some nations wore modern-like clothing.

They are also known to be excellent swordsmen as the duelling tournaments are often found in their Civilizations. Their military typically wore Modified ODST Armor with it's variants for combat, often with a built-in force-shields for combat.

They are usually Meritocratic as the Class Structure is built based on skills with the lower class being the most inexperienced and naive, with the upper class being the most wise. Because of that, there are no leaders who are dumb and unexperienced. The Elections will always favor Wise and competent canidates over the dumb and incompetent ones.

The Getian Culture

The Armagetians' clothing is similiar to that of ancient Mediterranean cultures in our world. Some nations such as the Awesominian Republic perfer more modern clothing over the classical one..

Armagetians are excellent in everything that is related to the art of war, which they find to be a noble discipline and a virtue of their species. Their troops have a red-and-gold theme on their armors. They can be seen easily with such colors, but they do not seem to care.

Their Class structure is militaristic and the strong are always favoured over the weak, which instead conduct a peaceful life of hard work.

The Tijir Culture

The Tijori's clothing is similar to that of the Hispanic cultures but with most Mesoamerican elements there. The Chilostaqui perfer to wear clothing similar to that of the Navajo over their Hispanic-Aztec one of their "cousins".

The Tijori are excellent in shamanistic abilities that are unique to them. Their troops usuall wore armor that resembled Aztec Jaguar Warriors, but with futuristic armor with the forcefield built in to protect their bare chests from blaster bolts and gunshots.

Their Class Structure is rather similar to the Aztecs as the Priests are part of the Upper class with the lower class being Farmers and Artisans.

The Norin Culture

They are highly sophisticated in general usually the best in mathematics, physics, chemistry and radiology. There are some facts that their strategies often competed with those of the Getians

Their clothing depends on how rank the society is. Most normal citizens wear Middle Eastern clothing, but high profile users like Generals and Commanders wear specific military clothing for the rest of their life (which isn't a problem since their genetics provided with energy that sleep won't be needed.) The Norans perfer Soviet Clothing over their cousin's choice.

Their class structure is usually Democratic.