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There is a list of languages of Trolliversia and information about them, which the notable ones are listed below, the extinct languages are not listed there as there will be another page on it.

Leaxian Languages

Finon Languages

  • Modern Finnittanian: The Modern Finnittanian language happened to be the most common in those nations of Finnittanian-Descent, especially on the former mainland and their colonies.

Getian Languages

  • Neo-Armagetian:
  • Rethoman: Rethoman language is an Getian Language spoken in Rethoman Tsardom and Xenoman Horde/Nurmis Dynasty. Is very similar to Armagetian and Xenoman language.
  • Xenoman: A language formed from Xenic roots. Armagetians influenced the culture and language that much that is now a Getian Language.