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The Kee'Jod Republic, also known as the Aitaf Kanteropo to Keejodian Yingor, is a spacefaring presidential constitutional republic located in the northwestern section of Trolliversia. It was founded by the Yingor, an ancient sentient race of sentients. It controls most of the Chikona Galaxy.


Formation of the Republic

The Kee'Jod Republic was formed by an ancestor of the Leaxian race known as Daikae Mougon after unifying the Yingor people into one "tribe". He created a provisional council and required the council to draft a constitution and a document on how the nation should be ran. The council decided that the new government should support a kanteropo (literally meaning "republic" in Jaobu).


The Keejod Republic's presidential system allows presidents to serve for three terms of 5 years. After each term is completed, an election is held to determine the next president. If the incumbent is completing his or her first or second term, he or she has the opportunity to run for president again.