The Inkhirian Philosopher Empire is an ancient space-faring civilization inhabiting the far-reaches of the galaxy, where they dwell secretively in their eternal quest for self-improvement.

They are ruled by a philosopher-emperor who is elected by the academies all over their empire. Said ruler must excell in logic and must be immune to all sorts of sentimentalism.

Inkhirians have a long history of war and greed until a single military general took over and ruled with an iron fist, systematically executing all of those who didn't fit into his criteria of perfection.


Before being a galactic empire, the Inkhirians were a humble race of warmongers and diehard zealots. They were spread all over the small, watery planet of Xenophonis throughout several islands. They formed kingdoms and, eventually, one of them conquered them all through an elaborate military campaign.

The inheritor of the throne was a man known as Lyco Larcius, a renowned military general and also an eminent philosopher, writer, cartographer, swordsman, magician and also an alchemist.

Lyco invested heavily on automation and, in a couple of years, got more than half of the nation. This, however, generated an enormous wave of unemployement, but Lyco had already foreseen that and began his next plan.

The Cleansing of Inkhiria

Until his death, Lyco ruled with an iron fist and cleansed Inkhiria of all in which he deemed to be "imperfect", lacked they the physical, mental or moral capacities.

After the Reign

After Lyco died, his sons came to the throne and began rebuilding the Inkhirian race from scratch with the same principles his dad held. This continued for years to come, making Inkhirians extremely powerful in all fields, though their population was reduced severely and they had to rely on robots for a long time.