The Hentu are an ancient, sentient species that originated on the planet Habokkah Tai. Most members of the species reside in Jobetseku, although some do inhabit other galaxies. The species was once unified under one intragalactic government, but in the year 3 ATS, disagreements among groups of the Hentu species caused a massive division. However, nations with similar goals and political ideologies formed unions and alliances in order to increase the productivity of their nations. Eventually, many unions and alliances merged together to form sovereign nations. The Jeppa Republic is an example of the merging of the Bessu, Hegro, Lossa, and Taiso unions.

Genetic Diversity

Hentu are known for their unique genetic traits. In some cases, individuals look so unique that they are misclassified as a subspecies of Hentu. Hentu can have tangerine, dark gray, purple, or pure white skin tones that are often dependent on the environments that their mothers are in during the gestation period. Although very rare, Hentu are capable of obtaining red and blue skin tones if ultraviolet light somehow reaches the zygote during the first few weeks of gestation. It permanently gives the individual tough, platy skin and a resistance to malignant cancers cause by light.

Outside of skin color, Hentu are known for unique facial variations. Some variations are capable of boasting large and protruding jaws, while some are capable of growing horns from their chin and jawline. In some cases, Hentu individuals will be born with regenerative tendrils that cannot be removed. Erasmus Jordan is well known for this strange trait. However, another uncommon trait is for a Hentu to be born with 1 or 2 sagittal crests on top of their skull. This usually indicates that an individual has strong jaw muscles, but it is often viewed as a sign of wisdom from an early age.