"All of the nations to the west of us claim that they are more prosperous than us. They are merely nationalist republics who are no where near as powerful as the nations with a single, undisputed authority controlling them. The monarchy attempted to mimick nations like this, but it failed to meet the means of lower class citizens and treated them as if they were vermin on the streets. That is why I ousted the royal family and destroyed the palace of the bourgeousies. I plan on ensuring that you, my people, that bourgeousies will never enter the political spotlight again for as long as this empire lasts. You have my word."

- Erasmus Jordan's first speech to the Haisi people

The Haisant Empire is a sovereign nation within the galaxy of Jobetseku. It controls half of the entire galaxy, and sees to expand its autocratic influence over the western republics.

Brief History

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The Haisant Empire was originally founded by self-appointed monarch Ikron Teit. It was dissolved after Hentu socialist Erasmus Jordan performed a coup d'etat and casted the royal family aside.

Haisi Militarism

Shortly after Erasmus took power, he revolutionized the Haisi military by increasing military spending and enstating drafts throughout Eastern Jobetseku. Within 10 years, the Haisi military created a massive military fleet, and recruited nearly 2 billion soldiers. But this wasn't enough for Erasmus. He commissioned the military with developing weapons of mass destruction. They would be used in war against other nations and on Haisi-controlled planets if rebellions were to arise.

The Invasion of Kunsha

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The Haisi Revolution and the militarization of the Haisant Empire created fear and paranoia in Western Jobetseku nations. One of these nations, the People's Republic of Kunsha, was very bothered by the fact that the Haisi were constructing weapons of mass destruction, but that these weapons weren't being used as soon as they were made. Out of fear of massive war, the People's Republic of Kunsha formed an alliance with Lossa, a spacefaring nation on the northwestern imperial border.

After being informed on the formation of this alliance via a Kunshi spy, Erasmus Jordan immediately declared war on Lossa and the PRK. The Haisi military sent a quarter of its monstrous fleet to the Haisi-Kunsha border and sieged the bordering systems in Kunshi territory. Lossa attempted to retaliate, but most of its intragalactic fleet was annihilated within the first counterstrike operation.

Short-term Alliance with Jeppa

Although the Haisant Empire could easily take over the galaxy, Erasmus Jordan did not want to be at war with all of the nations at once. This is why he sent a diplomat to Jeppa with a proposal: If Jeppa remained at least neutral to the Haisi, they would be given a third of Lossa.

Initially, the triumvirs of Jeppa agreed with this proposal, as they had wanted to destroy Lossa's sovereignty since the beginning of the nation. After four years of conflict, the Haisant Empire established control over the eastern half of Lossa. However, the executive triumvir lost her patience and invaded the western half of Lossa. This brought the Republic of Pao into the war, because Lossa was its #1 trade partner, and has supported the country since its founding fathers established its government. The Paoan minister of war condemned the actions of the triumvir and declared war on the nation.