The First Jobetseku Conflict was the first intragalactic war to ever take place within Trolliversia. This war expanded the influence of the Haisant Empire and ultimately made this empire into a galactic superpower.

Pre-War Period

Haisi Militarism

A decade before the war began, the Haisi Revolution installed Erasmus Jordan as the leader of the Haisant Empire. Within days of becoming imperator, Erasmus made major and unprecedented military reforms that allowed the Haisi to create a gargantuan fleet within 10 years. 2 billion soldiers were also enlisted for duty after strict drafts conscripted Haisi citizens into military service. The most controversial move he made in the eyes of other Jobetseku nations was commissioning the military to mass produce weapons of mass destruction. Paranoia spread throughout Western Jobetseku.

Contingency Alliance

Members of the Kunshi government were fearful as to what the Haisi military planned on doing with the weapons that they constructed. They already had a massive fleet that was capable of taking over entire space faring nations. In fear of entering war with the Haisant Empire, a Kunshi diplomat was sent to the nation of Lossa, located on the Haisant Empire's northwestern border. The diplomat was able to convince Lossa to form a military alliance with the People's Republic, along with becoming serious trade partners.

​Beginning of the War

Invasion of the People's Republic of Kunsha

After hearing of news of an alliance rising in Western Jobetseku, Erasmus made the radical decision to send a quarter of the Haisi fleet to invade the People's Republic of Kunsha. The Haisant Empire sieged bordering systems of Kunsha, which resulted in quick and simple victories. Lossa attempted to retaliate against the Haisi military by attacking northwestern Haisi systems. But the attack failed horribly with Lossa losing most of its fleet in the attack. Lossa no longer had a way to defend itself.

Haisi Treaty with the Jeppa Republic

Although the Haisant Empire was clearly capable of taking over all of Jobetseku, Erasmus Jordan realized that it would be a very expensive war if the Haisant Empire fought all of the west at once. This is why Erasmus sent an ambassador to the Jeppa Republic. The ambassador was able to negotiate a treaty that had these conditions:

  1. The Jeppa Republic shall remain at least neutral to the Haisi campaign in Lossa and Kunsha
  2. If Jeppa fulfills their part of the treaty, they shall receive a third of Lossa.
  3. If an alliance is formed between the Jeppa Republic and the Haisant Empire, the Haisant Empire shall be in charge of all of the combat operations.
  4. If an alliance is formed between the Jeppa Republic and the Haisant Empire, the Jeppa Republic is allowed to collect their section of Lossa early by supporting the Haisi campaign.
  5. The Haisant Empire shall defend Jeppa in any retaliation event orchestrated by the People's Republic of Kunsha and Lossa.

The Triumvirs of Jeppa, who despised Lossa's sovereignty claims and did not want to seek the aggression of Erasmus Jordan, agreed to the treaty. However, they chose to not have Jeppa join Erasmus's campaign. Jeppa remained neutral for 4 years.

Paoan-Jeppa Conflict

After 4 long years, the Haisant Empire had conquered half of Lossa and destroyed its capital city. Remnants of the government relocated to secluded systems within the provinces of western Lossa, although by that time most of Lossa had slipped into anarchy. Executive Triumvir Selene Kassa became very impatient with the Haisant Empire. She eventually couldn't wait any longer and made an executive order to send an invasion force to western Lossa. With both east and western fronts of Lossa at war, Lossa's government was taken over in a military coup in an attempt to save the dying nation.

However, not all hope was lost. After hearing reports of Jeppa's aggression in Lossa, the Paoan minister of war made a public announcement condemning Jeppa's actions in Lossa. The minister, with support of Pao's parliament, declared war on Jeppa. Paoan forces were deployed in Jeppa, and a conflict broke out in between the two nations. Haisi forces did not intervene with the two nations, as the Haisant Empire would not be violating the treaty by choosing not to defend Jeppa against the Republic of Pao.

Attack on the Rigolian Star Cluster

The Republic of Pao focussed on sieging all of the planetary systems on the Jeppa's half of the Paoan-Jeppa Division Line. After hundreds of space battles and planetary assaults, the Republic of Pao was able to weaken Jeppa's forces and destroy a fifth of its fleet. The Paoan military then focussed on the Rigolian Star Cluster; a cluster completely controlled by Jeppa's military. It also was the base of operations for most of Jeppa's military leader. If this cluster was destroyed, Jeppa's morale would dwindle, and the military would be divided by successors.

The assault occurred a few days after a  fourth of Jeppa's fleet left for Lossa. It began with hundreds of spies disabled or destroyed the energy shieldings of key facility. Paoan generals then lead millions of soldiers into the star cluster. 5 out of 34 planets were destroyed, 195 million of Jeppa's soldiers were killed, 6,000 cruisers of all classifications were destroyed, and 2311 bases and outposts were either destroyed or captured. After this battle, Jeppa withdrew its fleet from Lossa and sent them to the Republic of Pao.

Gunrai-Ul Falls

Desperate for revenge, the Triumvirs of Jeppa unanomously agreed on assaulting the Paoan capital planet of Gunrai-Ul. It took four months prepare for this attack, but it took 7 months to actually execute considering the fact that Pao's military performed constant raids on Jeppa's key military strongholds. Once the assault was actually executed, 3/4 of Lossa had been taken over by the Haisant Empire. The assault consisted of a third of Jeppa's fleet shooting hundreds of weapons of massive destruction into the star of Gunrai-Ul's home system. The result of this extreme method of attack was that all but 3 cruisers of Jeppa's strike force remained and the deaths of billions of Paoans, along with the millions soldiers that died orchestrating this genocidal assault. However, Jeppa fulfilled its goal of defeating Pao, as the Republic completely collapsed within a single month.

Another result of this attack was the creation of a black hole. It consumed hundreds of star systems within a month, killing 1.2 trillion sentient beings that lived in Pao. Jeppa decided not to annex any part of Pao, due to the reality of losing further resources.

Kunsha Surrenders

After hearing the news of the dissolution of the Republic of Pao, the Kunshi controlled section of the People's Republic of Kunsha gave the Kunshi people a choice to concede to the Haisant Empire or to continue to fight the Haisi. The vote never occurred however, as the Kunshi president announced that the People's Republic of Kunsha has surrended. After announcing this, he grabbed a pistol from underneath his podium and shot himself in the head. This inspired 5.6 million Kunshi citizens to commit suicide.

Erasmus, after hearing the announcement of Kunsha's surrender, ordered the military to send a third of its fleet to Kunsha in order to establish authority there. It took 3 years for the Haisi to assimulate the Kunshi people due to rebellions attacking the Haisi military in violent protests and Kunshi holdouts.

End of the War and its Aftermath

Lossa was completely conquered by the Haisi 5 years after the fall of Gunrai-Ul. They never gave Jeppa the third of Lossa that they had promised for remaining neutral towards the Haisi. This upset the people of Jeppa, but the military was not sent to retaliate. Instead, the Triumvirs started conscripting their people into the military. Freedoms became more and more infringed upon, as the Triumvirs gradually took full control over the people's lives.