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The Finno-Haisant War was a first major conflict that the nations fought over idealogical beliefs.


Finnittania's Side

Haisant's Side

Pre-War Period

Rising Tensions

The Tensions had started when the Haisant Socialists in Finnittania were murdered by a group of people over conflicting beliefs, even staining the relations between Finnittania and the Haisant Empire further when a Finnittanian who is living in a Norish City were lynched by a group of Haisant Immigrants.

Signing of the Two Alliances

The Two Alliances started occuring when the Ivichs and the Czerkonians aligned theirselves to the Haisant in case of war against Finnittania. In return, three of the Finnittanian Nations aligned theirselves to Finnittania in response to the Haisant alliances with the Socialist Countries.