The Finnujin Republic is an ancient nation that has history with the Leaxian Confederation. It is known to be the first recorded Finon Nation in history and for causing the boom of any nations of Finon-descent

They're known to be the Ancestor of the Well-known Finnittanian Empire



Before it's creation, it is merely a Leaxian Colony located in the Central Region of the Trolliverse. It all changed when the first Finon race has started due to the genetic mutation in the Leaxian populace, spreading in certain areas of the galaxy and it continued to spread. By many years, the populace has engulfed most of the galaxy and estabished their own culture.

They eventually demand their independence from the Leaxian Confederation and they refused, plunging the region into series of civil unrest which eventually led to a civil war. Eventually, after countless years the country successfully splits away from them and establishes their own government.

After it's creation

After their independence, they began drafting up laws and building a government, to ensure the stability of their country and to build up an economy. They established a trade route with some neighboring countries such as the Grex Federation. While trading, they started building relations with them and sent military secrets with each other for warfare purposes.