The Finno-Sciotic War is an event that occured in 1320 ATS between the Empire of Great Finnittania and the Sciotic Empire over territorial conflict.

War Period

The Sciotics declared war on Finnittania

It all started when the Sciotics are deprived from precious luxuries and turned their heads toward Finnittania's Northern territories in the Galaxy Clusters for wealth and demanded Finnittania to give away the northern territory rich in luxuries with threat of war, while the Finnittanians are busy unifying the Finnittanians in Southeastern Trolliversia under one flag, and thus they are offended by the demands and entered war.

Blitzkrieg of the Northern Finnittanian Cluster.

The Sciotics began their blitzkrieg in the Finnittanian Clusters to try and take it by force, with some victories in the Blitzkrieg. The Sciotics gained land quickly, but the tides turned after the Finnittanians started using strategies for a counterattack and began retaking their territory. After many victories are done, the Finnittanians had won the Northern Cluster Blitzkrieg and began pushing towards the Sciotic territory

Armagetian Intervention

The Armagetian Empire begins to notice when their close ally got invaded by the Sciotics and sent forces to Sciotic territory to assist the Finnittanians in a battle, and eventually victory rate began to skyrocket with the Sciotics losing their territory one by one.

The Final Hit and Aftermath

The Sciotics are eventually losing the war when the Finnittanians are pushing deeper into the heart of the Sciotic Mainland. What they realize that they eventually had to surrender and thus the war ended with the Treaty of Scio.

During the aftermath, the Sciotics had to follow the conditions of the treaty, and eventually ended up having to start a trade route with Finnittania, jump starting their relationships with Finnittania and eventually became allies.

The Treaty of Scio

The Treatys are signed by both the Finnittanians, the Armagetians and the Sciotics over the conditions listed below:

  1. The Sciotic Empire are to accept that they are the main instigators of the war due to economic gains.
  2. If the Sciotics wished to forget the war they felt guilty about, they will start building up relations with two nations.
  3. The Sciotics are to be demilitarized for 50 years but they can accept Finnittanian-Armagetian Military occupation in case of foreign invasion.

The Sciotics eventually accepted the treaty and thus began building their relations with Finnittania and Armagetia, hoping to never repeat the war again.