The Federation of Lernea is an Ex-Finnittanian Colony ruled by a Board Director, where corruption is highly common in the government due to the Corporation's influence. They are located at the Northwest Region of Trolliversia.

Lernea is known to be destructive to their environment for the sake of money. Most of their planets are known to be an Ecumenopolis-type with smog everywhere, along with poverty, and diseases related to pollution, with lung cancer being the most common in the Impoverished.

The Lernean Economy is also a powerhouse, exporting their consumer goods to other nations, competing with the Tijori-Chilostaqui Empire for top ladder in Economy.


North-West Region

Nation Status
State of New Sentaria Neutral
Venkorian Empire Allies
Telmetivic Republic Allies
Haisant Empire Enemies
Dictatorship of Polina Dislike

South-East Region

Nation Status
Empire of Great Finnittania Allies
Tijori-Chilostaqui Empire Friendly Rivals
Armagetian Empire Allies
Armagetian Federal Republic Enemies