Finnittania is a Trolliversian Nation descended from the Leaxian Race that they are formed after the collapse of Ancient Finnittania from 1,000 ATS. They are located in the South-Eastern Region of Trolliversia from the south of the Sciotics, and the West of the Armagetians. It controls the entire Finnittanian Clusters and southern Sciotic territory earned during the war. They still practiced their ancient tradition.

They later abolished Slavery for economic and moral reasons as they believed a large population of slaves would overthrow their government, and prevent new jobs from being made.


Formation of the nation

20 years after the assassination of Finn III and the collapse of Ancient Finnittania, Finnittania began to rise from the ashes as Finn IV, who is the son of Finn III began recreating Fnnittania.

The Finnittanians built up an empire in honor of their ancestors and began conquering other System States (A Solar System equivalment of a City-State.). By the time it is 1200 ATS, the Remaining Finnittanian System-States recognized their power and decided to be annexed into Finnittania to avoid bloodshed. The Finnittanians entered an alliance with the Armagetians for their past relations in history.

Finno-Sciotic War

In 1320 ATS, the Sciotics threatens to declare war on Finnittania if they didn't give away the northern part of the Finnittanian Clusters to them, but they refused, jump-starting the war.

The Finnittanians and the Sciotics fought in multiple territories with the Armagetians assisting them in invading Sciotic Territories.

As the Sciotics are losing due to the Finnittanian Strength, they ordered a ceasefire treaty in exchange for the Southern Sciotic territory for the Finnittanians. The Finnittanians and the Armagetians accepted the treaty and thus both sides became allies after the war while improving their relations to forget the war.

The Start of the Mertens Dynasty

The Mertens Dynasty eventually started as the king died with no heir to take power. The Senate eventually got worried that Finnittania would collapse like the previous nation did, and thus one of the Noble Families are needed to be placed in power to start their dynasty. Eventually the families compete to rise to power and the Mertens are the winners.

After their rise, they outlawed Slavery due to economic and moral reasons and started experimenting with wormholes for military and transportation purposes, jumpstarting the Split-Space Revolution. During the Revolution, the Finnittanians gave their gifts to much of their allies where it gives them an ability to travel to longer distances without the need of wasting fuel. Eventually, Finnittania made allies during their travels to the distant regions, while also made some enemies at the same time.


South-Eastern Region

Nation Status
Armagetian Empire Close Allies
Sciotic Empire Allies (Former Enemy)
Leaxian Confederation Enemies
Awesominian Republic Trade Partners
Tijori Empire Allies
Chilostaqui Republic Trade Partners
Norish Republic Friendly Rival
Armagetian Federal Republic Enemies

North-Eastern Region

Nation Status
Centiprix Republic Allies
Gekko Republic Allies
Hydren Empire Enemies

North-western Region


Kee'Jod Republic Allies
Telmetivic Republic Allies
Venkorian Empire Allies
Haisant Empire Enemies
Crafternic Commonwealth Trade-partners