The Dregs are a group of species containing the Gekkos, the Hydrens, and others that inhabit Trolliversia. Just like the Leaxian Race, they're also known to survive the Split.

Subspecies Info

There are info of the Dregs who are known to evolve.


The Gekkos are a species that are known to be descended from their peace-loving ancestors, which unlike them, they refused to be entirely peaceful as their survival depends on the military.


The Hydrens are a fanatical species that still clinged onto their religion which revolves on their eldritch god named Noicee, who they believed still live despite that Noicee died from the Split.


The Museans are a nomadic species that are very hostile, where they are the cousins of the Gekkos due to appearance. Just like the Hydrens, they live in harsh desertic areas.