The Dictatorship of Polina is an isolated nation in Northwestern Trolliversia that is filled with multiple members of the Leaxian Race, known for being a Libertarian Dictatorship dedicated to brainwash their inhabitants into obedience like mindless slaves under the form of pills. They are located all around the galactic core nearby foreign galaxies. It is rumored that Polina is an ex-Finnittanian colony who wanted to become just like precessor but with a different standing even if it violates their traditions.

Polina is constantly under a civil war due to the rebellions in some part of their territories due to people resisting the influence and fighting for their independence and the stability of their culture despite Polina's claims that "they are perserving their cultures", which their "pilled" civilians appeared to rather follow Polina's unique culture.

Polina is known to constantly meddle in afairs of Foreign Nations with their influence to prevent events they don't like from occuring and is infamously known for trying (But failed) to prevent the Unification of the Tijori-Chilostaqui Empire from occuring. They are also known to send their agents as an attempt to repeal the ban on Marijuana in multiple Finnittanian Nations.

Polina eventually met their demise at the hands of Ancient Finnittania's current successor Empire of Great Finnittania with most of their governors killed in the process and the regime toppled by an invasion force. Polina's government eventually gets wiped out in the process. Ironically, Polina's culture has met it's demise by destruction and the Pillings are put to a complete halt.


Polina as mentioned above is a Libertarian Dictatorship who dwells in isolation, dedicated to brainwashing the populace with propaganda and their pills, drugging the populace's water and food supplies daily, while also destroying their culture. Their "pilled" civilians appeared to worship what is considered to be "The Emperor" with constant posters of Orwellian-like warnings are seen with "The Emperor" there, signalling "The Emperor is Watching You" warning.

They are known to lie about their actions, potraying them in a positive light no matter how absurd it is. They are often accused of lending arms to Terrorists as they are willing to lend arms to rebels outside their territory unless they're "anti-democratic".

Because of the Rebellions, they always sent their brainwashed military to Curb the rebellions. Whenever a Foreign Nation tries to intervene for the Rebels, they always tell them to mind their own business and do other stuff, angering some who attempted to intervene.

Because they are Libertarian, they appear to rather legalize anything, especially Cannabis, which the Finnittanan Culture considered taboo, and can damage the braincells of a Finnittanian.


Their culture is rather unique from others as tea happened to be a common drink with crumpets being digested in the populace. Their culture is highly British-like, while also trying to destroy every other cultures inside. The Culture eventually met their demise.