Delgorria is a micronation that inhabits a galaxy in eastern Trolliversia. It was formerly a colony of the Haisant Empire, however the native inhabitants convinced the colonists to revolt against the government. The revolution was a success, but the Haisant Empire didn't see Delgorria as an independent nation. The Haisi consider it a rogue territory that has become isolated from the main empire.

Colonial History


The Haisi arrived in Delgorria in 107 ATS, 4 years after the launch of the Haisant Colonial Commission. They named it New Ravunhyde after a historical region in the eastern wing of the empire. New Ravunhyde was the first territory that the Haisi gained control of outside Jobetseku. In order to prevent inflation and to avoid going through a complicated tax collection procedure, Erasmus Jordan decreed that the territory of New Ravunhyde would develop a local currency. He also created a colonial subbranch of the main imperial government.

Imperial Disconnect

After the local currency was created, New Ravunhyde became very isolated from the main empire. Military interactions were governed by the Eastern Colonial Company, who often promoted corrupt work behaviors and incited attacks on native populations that did not follow their extreme tax rules. Eventually, the ECC commissioned the native inhabitants to perform forced labor and exploited their biological weaknesses to benefit the growing colonial economy and culture.

The Delgorrian Revolution

In the first month 236 ATS, hundreds of thousands of native inhabitants rose up in protest to the ECC's corrupt work tactics. Prisons overflowed with peaceful protesters and those who turned violent were executed on the streets they lived on. News never went back to the main empire, which further severed the Haisi's connection with the colony. Later in the year, inhabitants across New Ravunhyde inspired the colonists to rise up against the government and overthrow the ECC. With the combined might of the colonists and the native populations, the ECC's military fell apart within 2 years of the beginning of the revolution. Eventually, the native populations gained control and transformed the colonial government into a democratic oligarchy led by a council of 7 representatives.

Post-Colonial History

Hentu Ethnic Cleansing

The council consisted of both Hentu and native species until 261 ATS when a radical group of councilors formulated a plan to eliminate the Hentu's presence in Delgorria. At this time, there were two Hentu councilors, so when the 4 radical councilors voted for the expulsion of all Hentu inhabitants, the majority won by one vote. The other three councilors were assassinated as they were leaving the council chambers, which was planned beforehand. An emergency election was held and the public chose to vote for native species instead of the Hentu.

The process of removing the Hentu was quick and simple. Hentu citizens were arrested from their homes with their vehicles and were brought to the Delgorrian border. At the border, the native population started attacking the Hentu, prompting the ones with their vehicles to evade the laser fire by flying into voidspace. Those who did not have vehicles were executed. There was only one family of survivors that were fortunate enough to return to Jobetseku, but they were imprisoned on the charges of conspiracy and resentment towards the Imperator.


After the expulsion of the Hentu, Delgorria passed laws forbidding corporations and traders from importing or exporting goods to "western nations".