The Chilostaqui Republic is a nation located in the same galaxy the Tijori lived in where half of them goes to the Tijori while the other half goes to the Chilostaqui.

Like the Tijori, they also happened to build pyramids in a small region in Chiloskini, but rather with sandstones. Their pyramids honored their gods instead of those who died honorably.

They are well known for their industries they created where 35% of the South-Eastern Region of Trolliversia's Economy was consisted of. They are largely capitalists and they strongly opposes Communism. Their culture appears to be slightly similar to the Tijori.



The Chilostaqui Republic started out as a small Planet-State who started empire-building by the means of purchases and conquest, conquering some Planet-States in their solar system while mostly purchasing them in the meantime. Eventually they owned the solar system they originated from, starting their rise as an Intergalactic nation.

Eventually, they began drafting up some taxes on the imports and exports from the trading they got from Nations where they eventually continued heir expansion until half of the Galaxy goes to them.

The Merging of the Tijori and the Chilostaqui

After numerous years of making economic progress with both the Chilostaqui and the Lerneans, the Tijori and the Chilostaqui continued to compete with Lernea for the top economic position.

They struggled to beat Lernea due to the fact Lernea is making a rapid economic boost from the resources they got with no concern for the environment. The Tijori and the Chilostaqui decided to merge, hoping to provide economic boost to beat Lernea's economy while also providing welfare to those who actually needed it at the same time.


Nation Status
Empire of Great Finnittania Trade Partners
Awesominian Republic Allies
Sciotic Empire Allies
Tijori Empire Allies
Federation of Lernea Friendly Rivals