The Armagetian Empire is as of now the largest nation in the Trolliverse. Their actual state was founded in 917 ATS and was able to expand due to their warlike attitude and almost unstoppable military forces which often intervene in external conflicts they have nothing to do with.

It has been a center of power for centuries because it always tried to bring innovation in arts and literature, but as of now it is slowly recovering from a decay which lasted for over 200 years: So, while it is the largest power, it isn't the strongest one.

Their most faithful allies are the Finnittanians. Their Symbol is the letter V, and they make a large use of it in national documents and emblems.


Nation Status
Empire of Great Finnittania Close Allies
Norish Republic Friendly Rivals
Awesominian Republic Allies
Sciotic Empire Allies (Former Enemies)
Armagetian Federal Republic Enemies