Ancient Finnittania is an ancient country that is one of the mightiest (but on equal par with Ancient Armagetia) nation in South-Eastern Trolliversia. They are renowned for their culture and their military power they held during their time. It controls the entire Finnittanian Clusters, along with a colonial empire and the Sciotic Clusters.


Formation of a Nation

Ancient Finnittania began it's rise to power when Martin I and a group of Finnittanians began setting in planet Finnos to start a Civilization. Martin I began ordering his settlers to build cities around their planet while harvesting resources to build it's empire.

Finnittania began conquering solar systems nearby to settle their population until 3 years later where they are challenged by two major powers such as the Finnite Civilization and the Finnitopian Civilization during their conquest.

By the time it is 74 ATS, the Finnites are conquered by the Finnittanians, followed by the Finnitopians in 99 ATS. Over time, the Finnittanians conquered their entire home galaxy where they later began conquering half of the Finnittanian Clusters.


The Downfall occured from a small group of senators conspiring to kill Finn III, who is the beloved ruler of Finnittania by means of shooting him. By the time he got shot, the nation is in chaos and a group of conspirators are being hunted down by an angry mob for killing the beloved king.


Nation Status
Ancient Armagetia Allies/Later Enemies
Sciotic Empire Enemies
Norish Republic Trade Partners